3 thoughts on “Wristwatch Questions blog post

  1. Omega / Complete repair service prices 2017 / Recommended public prices

    By Calibre type
    CHF 450
    CHF 500

    2- Mechanical / Non-chronograph
    CHF 550
    CHF 450

    3- Chronograph
    CHF 750
    CHF 500

    4- Restoration
    Starts at CHF 2’000

    5- Special timepieces
    Starts at CHF 1’000
    Starts at CHF 1’000

    Above are the recommended public prices applying to the official OMEGA service center of The Swatch Group Ltd’s affiliated company commercializing OMEGA’s products in your country of location.

    Important information regarding service and warranty:
    Different types of interventions (other than the complete maintenance service and the restoration) can be carried out in relation with the service of OMEGA watches. Each of these interventions corresponds to specific operations, has its own recommended public price and benefits from distinct warranty conditions.


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